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Some people own a range of different perfumes, picking out the one to wear based on their mood or whatever the activity they’re up to. I even know some people who wear different perfumes following the seasons. I personally have been wearing the same perfume for years: Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel. It is a classic and I really love it. I often get compliments from people asking me which perfume I am wearing, which I take as a sign that it’s the right one for me.

But, now I have to admit, I  cheated. A few weeks ago, me and a group of ladies, attended a workshop at In Fine, an Antwerp-based perfume store selling its own perfumes.


I had to smell about 60 fragrances to bring down my options to four that I could try on. Eventually I narrowed it down to one last frangrance: Picadilly. The lady leading the workshop told us that the choice you make is based on your personality.

It is true that my personality matches the description of Picadilly, but I remain a bit sceptical towards these kind of explanations. It seems they are quite general and thus applicable to a large part of the population. But it doesn’t matter, I really love this new fragrance. People keep asking me which perfume I am wearing, so I think that from now on I will switch between the two. What I particularly like is that not many other women wear it as it is only sold by In Fine, which also makes it a bit more exclusive. Nice!

Do you have one favorite perfume or do you like to alternate?

More information: In Fine

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