The ultimate Gin & Tonic guide

Gin & Tonic, the long drink of the 80s is back and hipper than ever. From specialised cocktail bars to restaurants, it keeps on winning an appreciative audience.

 “The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.”

Winston Churchill wasn’t entirely wrong, because gin and tonic water were once used for their medicinal properties… There are a lot of things to learn about the history of this “potion” in Gin & Tonic, the complete guide for the perfect mix, by Frédéric Du Bois and Isabel Boons. From its originis to its contemporary consumption, its history is pretty long, from promises to scandals and recommended but unwise purposes…

How to make up your mind among all the brands offered today? Which tonic should you chose to mix with which gin? What kind of glass should you use? Which garnish is more suitable? Cucumber or lime ? Or neither ? So many questions to which the authors, gin specialist and culinary journalist, answer with style and coolness, that will surely please amateurs as well as experts. They offer a substantial and comprehensive list of gins and tonics according to their classic representation and their neutral, aromatic, fruity or floral taste. This book is a complete encyclopaedia, giving good advice, practical explanations and the best combinations of gin and tonic, so that you will always drink (in moderation) the best version of it. The title says it all!

The book also contains original recipes inspired by gin and the best gin bars in Europe.

Gin & Tonic, the complete guide for the perfect mix, by Frédéric Du Bois and Isabel Boons, Lannoo, 400p., 24.99€

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