These little things I found great when I lived in London and I would like to see here in Brussels !

When you live abroad, there are necessarily things you will think are either genius or extremely weird. Either way they will stick with you and you might want to import some of them to your homeland ! Here is my little list of things I would like to have in Brussels from the time – not so long ago – when I lived in  London.

  1. Stand on the right !

Every time I take the tube in Brussels I sigh with nostalgia  and think of these ordered lines of people standing on the right of the escalators allowing me to run on the left side if I was in a hurry. I wish we had those “Stand on the right” signs but maybe it’s just me being a bit too fussy…

  1. Let’s go to the pub !

Ok right, we do have nice cafés in Brussels but I am talking here about proper pubs. The kind of places where you stay the whole Sunday afternoon watching rugby (football or whatever tickles your fancy..) or playing board games with a bunch of nerdy friends. The one thing that I miss about these places is the atmosphere, being able to chat with the people sat opposite you as if they were friends, talking about the game that is on or giving advice on the food that is on the menu. More of these in Brussels, please !

  1. Let’s go for a stroll !

Museums, parties, roller discos, … there is always something to do in London. Some might argue that to be able to enjoy yourself in the city you need to have a lot of money, but this is not true. The capital is full of hidden gems (I might give you a selection in another article – soon) that not only will keep your banker happy but will make you discover the city in a new way. I am thinking about the House of Vans, some cultural centres, …

  1. Wear what you want, do what you like !

Violet hair, piercings, tattoos, … Do whatever you want, not one single Londoner will give you a weird look for “standing out”. You might get compliments or more often than not … nothing. Short dresses, a lot of colours, you see it all and it is a real treat for the eyes. I have never felt that free to wear whatever I wanted than when I was in London. I experimented with colours, be it in my hair or on me and I never feared the looks or comments I would get from other people.


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