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If you like cover bands, you must know Walk off the Earth. But, actually, even if you don’t, you still should watch their stuff. ‘Cause what they do is pretty amazing. And I can tell you I’m not quickly amazed when it comes to pop music.

Composed by 5 Canadians (4 guys and 1 woman), the band exists since 2006. However they really started being famous all over the world with their tribute to Gotye and his song Somebody that I used to know in 2012.

More than a cover, it’s actually a performance and the Youtube community didn’t take long to discover it and spread it to the word. The video has now more than 170,352,734 views and before telling you more about it, I suggest you watch it to get why it was such a success…

After watching this video (also well-named “5 peeps and a guitar”), you can’t deny it : they’re awesomely talented, aren’t they? Okay maybe i’m a bit exaggerating but still: they sing well, they’re inventive and they’re so much more organised and synchronised that I’ll ever be that it is hard not to be impressed.

Since then, they’ve made a lot of covers. It’s always the same concept: low budget videos, small spaces, a few instruments, a lot of objects used as instruments, powerful voices and a lot of creativity

Like this song from Lorde:

Or this one from Weeknd using a new instrument called Harpejji :

They really have their own style and their songs are always a mix of alternative rock, ska, and reggae music so they can even make you love songs you didn’t even like the original. For instance, I find their version of Cheerleader and Shake it off even better than OMI and Taylor Swift’s version.

And, last but not least, the very new and incredible Hello from Adele with Myles and Isaac:

Of course, you may dislike their music, style or voices but as I told you before, it’s almost impossible not to be impressed by them employing such a great ingenuity all the time.

They now have a new album Sing it all away and start a new tour in March. Unfortunately, they only have one gig planned in France (in Arras on the 2nd of July) and nothing in Belgium. But maybe if we all like their Facebook page, they will consider visiting our beautiful country, who knows ?

Anyway, if you like them, there are plenty of videos on Youtube you should watch ! And let’s hope they’ll keep on making these wonderful covers… ‘Cause It would be such a pity if they won’t !

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