Working for Culture Remains NPO

Culture Remains NPO is a free webzine, all its contributors work on a volunteer basis.

Work with Culture Remains NPO, what does that mean?

Many volunteers work daily for the smooth running of the website. Their tasks include:

– writing spontaneous articles (EN/FR/NL)

– writing articles in exchange for tickets/books offered by our partners.

– managing the contests and adverts that are to be uploaded on the website

– ensuring the external communication towards press officers and managing the social networks

– uploading partners’ articles

– taking on new writers and contributors

– ensuring the communication between the press and the writers, as well as managing the events covered

– organizing the publications and helping the writers

– proofreading the articles

Interested? Send us your application.

Do not hesitate to become a contributor if you:

– have specific knowledge or interest in a position

– have a Facebook account

– have a daily access of approximately 30 minutes to the internet during the week

– enjoy working at home

– are free to work between 3 and 8 hours a week

– are motivated by a volunteer project that is very little restrictive and offers you a significant experience to add on your CV